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With climate change becoming increasingly visible in our day-to-day lives, people are motivated to reduce GHG emissions. Answers to the following questions, presented in specific ways, can influence their behaviour: How many GHG emissions result from my travel during the day? How do these emissions compare with those of other people in my neighbourhood or community? What are the low-carbon travel options that are available for my  travel patterns? Are there any incentives or tools that will help me move to these options? How can I help transportation planners and decision makers to develop effective low-carbon travel options?

Our project addresses these questions by developing CarbonCount, a comprehensive open source software platform that can a) automatically detect daily travel, modes, routes, and travel related information using smartphones b) compute the GHG emissions based on the information gathered and provide actionable visual information c) learn from individual’s travel patterns and proactively provide low-carbon options d) provide an interaction platform where social comparisons, competitions, and incentivizing can be implemented and e) enable individuals to donate their data to transportation planners in order for them to develop travel options that are low-carbon and are customized to population needs.

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